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Healthy Herp Fruit Mix Instant Meal Jar

Healthy Herp Fruit Mix Instant Meal Jar

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Sale Price: $23.39
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  • For fungivorous, omnivorous, herbivorous reptiles
  • Highly nutritious blend of freeze-dried fruits & berries
  • All-natural reptile food with no preservatives
  Product ID: SF71915
  Brand: San Francisco Bay
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  • Details

San Francisco Bay Healthy Herp Fruit Mix Instant Meal in a jar is All Natural, contains no preservatives and is healthy and nutritious. This food has been specifically mixed for Hermit Crabs and Frugivorous reptiles. Fruit Mix when rehydrated returns to its naturally juicy state releasing its natural aroma making it irresistible to reptiles.

Contains Bee Pollen Powder a natural substance produced by flowering plants and gathered by bees. Bee pollen is an excellent source of vitamins (including vitamin A, B-complex, C, D and E), minerals (including magnesium, iron, phosphorus and at least 59 different trace minerals), amino acids and other nutrients. Benefits of bee pollen may include naturally boosting energy, enhancing immunity and promoting respiratory health.

Recommended for Hermit Crabs, Green Iguanas, Spiny Tail Iguanas, Rhino Iguanas, Bearded Dragons, Box Turtles, Blue Tongue Skinks, Tegus, Lacertas, Red Foot Tortoise, Yellow Foot Tortoise, Elongated Tortoise, Hinge Back Tortoises, Monkey Tail Skinks, Crested Geckos. Others can only have it as an occasional treat, such as African Spur Thigh Tortoises, Leopard Tortoises, Russian Tortoises and Hermans Tortoise.

Contains: Freeze Dried Bananas, Freeze Dried Blueberries, Freeze Dried Strawberries, Freeze Dried Mangoes, Freeze Dried Papayas, Freeze Dried Kiwis, Freeze Dried Apples, Bee Pollen Powder.

Size: 3.5 ounce

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Quick Easy Delicious & Nutritious

- 5/12/2011

My lizards & I love this product. Just as it says- instant meal, just add water & it's ready in seconds!

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