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Chuckit Sport Ball Launcher 18 inch Reviews for the product - Chuckit Sport Ball Launcher 18 inch (Back to product)
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P Hanson

- 8/30/2009

Gotta love the chuck it. I can wear my feisty little dog out in a half hour or less. Just make sure you have an open feild to fun in. I'm pretty tough on this product, so I've had to buy a couple over the years. No biggie since they don't cost much.

Best FETCH toy available! Dog and I LOVE it!

- 11/3/2008

This toy is great. It throws the ball farther than you can by hand but, the best part is - YOU do not have to touch that gross ball ever again! The dog drops the ball at your feet (if he doesn't you don't throw it and he will learn...) Then you use the "chuck it" to pick it up and throw it. My dog jumps around like a maniac when he sees me pick up the "chuck it". He loves it. The second best fetch toy is the original floppy disc, we have tried other frisbee type toys but the floppy disc is easiest for the dog to actually catch - But the "chuck it" is the number one toy. (The floppy disc gets slimy and goober covered - and as I said you NEVER have to touch the ball with your hands when you use the chuck it)

The best investment for dogs who love to fetch!

- 9/16/2007

If your dog isn't one for fetching balls, this is probably not the toy for you. However, if your dog is the kind that lives to run down tennis balls, you NEED to own this product.

I own two Chuckit's. I have the large version featured here and also the small size version. I actually tend to use the small size more often because it's easier to control your throws and I'm not as often in an area where I can make use of the large size's range. The small size sill allows you to chuck it pretty darn far if you want. However, for when you are at a wide open area (like a park or beach) and you want the herculean ability to catapult a tennis ball to the outer limits of your dog, this large size Chuckit can't be beat.

The light weight of a tennis ball makes it very difficult to throw long distances no matter how strong your arm strength is. Even throwing 40yrds gets strenuous over time, but with Chuckit, little more than the flick of a wrist will achieve that distance. Plus, the length of the product makes bending down to pick up slimey, slobbery, wet tennis balls a thing of the past.

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