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All about Pawtastic Pet

Why did we start our business?

Pawtastic Pet Supplies was started back in April 2007. Friends and neighbors were having a tough time providing for their pets and we decided to help, by providing pet supplies at reasonable prices. Pawtastic Pet Supplies was born.

We started out as a home delivery service in Caroline County, Virginia. Before we knew it, we were getting inquiries from all over the United States, so we added domestic shipping and then international shipping in 2009. We have been steadily growing since. In May 2011 we relocated to Browns Summit, North Carolina in an effort to offer even better customer service and faster shipping time frames for our customers.

Our future plans include the development of a foster home haven for German Shepherds and to host dog events for everyone to enjoy! A portion of every item sold is donated towards The Shepherd's Haven fund, we hope to start building within the next few years.

Be sure to create an account with us, "Like" our Facebook page, Follow Us on Twitter and check out our Pinterest page for the newest stuff.

What makes us different than other pet supplies stores?

If you're looking for friendly customer service, try us out! We may not be the fastest shippers but you can rest assured that your items are checked, pre-squeaked if needed, and packed by us! Dog and cats are our forte, fish a little, and some knowledge on Small Pet and Reptiles (but we will take the time to find out for you!)

Meet Some of our Team!

Julie, CEO

Julie has been involved with pets all of her life, cats, dogs, hamsters, and more! She fell in love with White German Shepherds in the early 90's..her dogs have excelled at obedience and agility, trained using positive techniques. She is the slavedriver behind Pawtastic Pet, making sure everything is done right. Her on-going dream is to create The Shepherd's Haven, a safe place for German Shepherds in need.


John is Julie's better half and quite the salesman! John grew up with Dobermans and fell in love with German Shepherds when he met Julie. He loves vending at dog shows and everyone calls him the "Dog Food Man" in town!

Misty German Shepherd Misty is a sable German Shepherd. She is the smallest but the most vocal of the team. She likes to test the toys by running laps in the fields with them in her mouth. She also loves to cuddle and gives lots of kisses!

Pretty Boy German Shepherd Pretty Boy is a white German Shepherd and he's a wild hurricane, full of spunk and drive. He loves to check the goodies that come in and he gives everything his approval with a wag of his tail.

Gone but not Forgotten

Hoofprint Maxwell's Ascension Hoofprint Maxwell's Ascension was a pivotal team member when Pawtastic Pet was started. He was the first official toy and treat tester, and would steal toys whenever he could when Mia was not watching! One time he stole and ate an entire bag of treats from a customer's order in 3 seconds flat! Both Max and Mia were in the dog house, luckily our customer got a good laugh that day! Max will always be missed by all of us. He was a good dog and a team player. We will always love ya Boo Bear!

Monday German Shepherd Monday was a black and silver German Shepherd. She was the quietest of the team unless she was testing a squeak toy! She would squeak and squeak and squeak for hours, thoroughly testing the durability. If it passed the Monday test, you knew it was doggy proof! She is always in our hearts and we miss her sweetness.



Mia German ShepherdMia was a black German Shepherd, it seemed as if she would live forever but crossed the rainbow bridge in our arms at 12 years old. She was the guarder of all boxes and kept the others away on packing day so all the toys and treats were safe for our customers. There will never be another Mia. We miss her barking demand for a cookie in the kitchen and her happy face.



Blue German ShepherdMr Blue was a blue German Shepherd, we lost him 2 weeks after Mia passed. He was so sweet and loved to lay in the middle of the floor to make sure we slowed down and packed carefully. He was also the back-up guarder of boxes if Mia was missing in action. Blue was our best buddy, we miss his wagging tail every day.

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